About the Overview Commission

Twenty years ago the citizens of Clarke County and the City of Athens voted to consolidate their two governments into one entity. In order to provide a more efficient and responsive government, section 8-116 of the charter mandates the appointment by the Grand Jury of an Overview Commission every 10 years to review the operations of the unified government.

According to section 8-115 of the charter, Athens-Clarke County government strives to:
1. Efficiently allocate resources to increase the quality of life for all citizens
2. Provide the highest quality services to all citizens
3. Ensure efficient utilization of community resources
4. Promote equity for all citizens in the delivery of governmental services throughout Athens-Clarke County
5. Recognize and consider the advantages of the provision of services through contractual arrangements with other governments and private enterprises.

How is Athens-Clarke County Doing?
Input from the citizens of Athens-Clarke County is critical to the success of the Overview Commission's review. How is Athens-Clarke County doing in its efforts to serve you, its citizens? What is the government doing well? Where is improvement needed?

Please plan to attend one of our public input sessions (calendar at right) to share your feedback. You can also contact the overview commission by posting a comment (your comments will not be published on this Web site), by emailing the Overview Commission using the link below, or by leaving a message at (706) 613-3789. We hope to hear from you soon.

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